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Lonely planet named Kinosaki Onsen the best onsen town in Japan. The town was founded over 1300 years ago. We believe that we have the best onsen resort in this country. Would you like to experience a traditional Japanese day with us? You can experience Japanese culture while wearing yukata and geta (Japanese wooden clogs) walking around the town.


Two and a half hours by train from Kyoto or Osaka, get off at Kinosaki-onsen station, 3 min walk from here

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Welcome to Mikuniya!

wi-fi available
Mikuniya offers free Wi-Fi service around the robby for our guests.

All rooms are non-smoking. You can smoke only at the smoking space.

How to enjoy Mikuniya and Kinosaki-Onsen

Traditional Japanese room

Spend time in a traditional Japanese room during your stay. And sleep on a futon on a tatami (woven straw mats) floor.

Traditional Japanese room

Wearing yukata and geta

After you have checked in, you can enjoy wearing yukata (Japanese traditional clothing) and geta for the rest of your stay.

Yukata Photo Gallery

Seven public bathhouses

We have seven different public bathhouses in Kinosaki.

Kinosaki Photo Gallery

Private bath in our ryokan

If you feel u comfortable with taking a bath at a public bathhouse, you can always use the private bath here in our ryokan.

Private bath

Kinosaki Onsen Awarded two stars by "Michelin Green Guide Japon"

."Kinosaki Hot Spring" was awarded two stars as a "Place to visit on a side trip"

Kinosaki Photo Gallery

Tajima beef and Seasonal seafood

Your stay includes a traditional Japanese meal. We can also provide vegetarian meals, so please feel free to let us know about your preference. Mikuniya offers two different meal options: Tajima beef and Seasonal seafood.


Try Japanese calligraphy

You can try Japanese calligraphy at our ryokan. The staff will give you your name in Kanji (Chinese characters).

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Mikuniya Ryokan
221 Yushima , Kinosaki-cho , Toyooka-city , Hyogo 669-6101
Phone: 81 (796) 32-2414

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